My teaching style is all about helping you be you, and helping you be happy. I believe in the power of our minds, that we can create what we wish when we are clear, focused, and empowered. I’m here to help you on your personal path to empowered wellbeing.

I always knew I wanted to work with people, even when I was too young to know what that meant. It’s why I became a Hairdresser, why my M.B.A. focused on Organizational Behavior, why I became a Yoga Teacher, and why I fuse all these experiences and elements together into Yoga Sensibility.

A Little about my journey:

I began practicing yoga around age 5 with my mother in our living room. At 13 I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, which has been a source of physical pain throughout my life. Yoga and meditation have been key in managing my daily pain level, and even reducing the curve of my spine a bit.

This is me, Christie Baxter!

This is me, Christie Baxter!


At 16 I quit school and began working full time. At 18 I traveled through India and Nepal with my sister, which was one of the most profound events in my life and continues to influence me these many years later.  

In Nepal we studied Buddhism at Kopan Monastery. OK, it was too much conformity for me, and I practically got booted out for not attending every class, none the less I will be eternally grateful for the experience, and the wisdom that was shared with me. 

In 2013 my stress hit an all time high when my 86 year old father came to live with me. He was declining physically and had vascular dementia.  It was emotionally healing. And it was a Life Altering, physically and mentally exhausting experience.

The damage caused by this period of extreme stress has taken several years to recover from.  My exhaustion has eased but several allergies remain, food, jewelry, makeup, etc.

Yoga helped me get through the days of care taking. It has helped me heal since my father's passing, and taught me to focus on what is meaningful in my life and let the rest go.

Now I bring the lessons and concepts I have learned from Life, Buddhism, Hairdressing, Teaching, Business School, and Yoga into my practice of helping others create happiness and meaningful success.