Create an Inspiring Workspace

A few simple changes can create an inspiring works-pace that uplifts your spirits and gives your growth plan a kick start.


A few years ago I painted my work-space a stunning shade of blue. Then winter came and I realized the color accentuated the dark cold months and made my winter blues even worse.

The energy had to shift.  There was too much clutter, too much furniture, too much of a cool color in my north facing office; it felt stagnant and uninspiring. One hundred dollars for paint and some elbow grease later, my space had transformed into one that made me feel happy and energized.

If you and or your business are feeling a little blah, stuck, in need of transformation, think about making some changes to the decor.  Take some time to consider what does and does not make you feel good about your current space.

There is a difference between liking the way something looks and liking the way it makes you feel.  The colors and things in our spaces have an effect on our psyche. For me, warm colors have an energy that I don’t feel from cool colors.

I love the look of gray, green, blue, and purple; but they don’t make me feel happy. If you need to shift the energy for yourself, your employees, or your business; take a good long look at your surroundings and notice how they make you feel.

Quick Inspiring Workspace Changes:

  • Clutter is an energy drain; get rid of the things you don’t really need. Many charities will pick up donations.

  • Paint even  just one wall in a color that makes you feel happy.

  • Move furniture and pictures to new locations, and toss the ones you don't need, and the ones you don't like.

  • Add a lamp with warmer softer light.

  • Have one piece of art that you love, a simple figurine will do but make it something that makes you happy.

  • If it feels like a big task, take it one wall, one shelf, one clutter pile at a time.

We spend a lot of time at work, our surroundings effect our performance. Even if you once loved your decor it may now be stale.  Take time to consider if your space inspires you.