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Personalized - Everyone is Unique

All students are supported in personalizing their practice to meet their individual needs in the moment.

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Yoga & Meditation

Nurture total Wellbeing with awareness, breath, intuition, mind - body connection, a little laughter and guided meditation.


Guided Meditation

Access the benefits of meditation with ease. The focus can be personalized to relaxation, healing, team building, empowerment…


you will need

A Quiet space, large enough for the number of students and their yoga mats.

For Yoga: a yoga mat, flexible clothing, water to drink. Optional props - yoga blocks, yoga strap, yoga blanket.

For Guided Meditation: either something to lie on, such as a yoga mat or blanket, or a chair for seated meditation. Optional - an extra layer or blanket for warmth.

What My Students Say:

I'm remembering to breathe in stressful situations.

This class is what gets me through the week.

My blood pressure is lower.

My overall stress is lower.

I’m having less back pain.

I'm sleeping better.

I love your class.